"I see the role of Councillor as being three pronged; legislator, constituent advocate and community ambassador.   My role with MP Carrie has give me the opportunity to work with legislation and to prove myself as a capable and dedicated advocate for our community.  It's pivotal that Ward 3 have a Councillor with the experience and established relationships to get things done for our Ward.  With nearly a decade of government experience, I know what it takes to work together, find solutions, and get things done in government."
My Priorities
Fiscal Responsibility

I have spent my career working with elected representatives who have lowered taxes and implemented accountability for those in office because I believe in those principles. 


I recognize that every dollar taken from you in taxation is one you don't have to spend on your families priorities.  I firmly believe that you know how to best spend the money your family earns. 

As a proven fiscal conservative I would fight to ensure that your taxes dollars are spent responsibly.  I believe in accountability for elected officials and would work hard to prevent the unnecessary spending that leads to tax increases.

Celebrating Our Diversity

As we continue to grow as a City it will become increasingly important for us to recognize and celebrate the many unique cultures that make up our community.  We are fortunate to be home to a diverse array of cultural clubs and associations.  These organizations provide important opportunities for us to explore traditional dances, languages and cuisine. 

I believe it is vital that we continue to support celebrations of our culture like Oshawa Fiesta Week pavilions, the Durham Metis Festival and other community activities.  These  events enhance the quality of life for residents by promoting a better understanding of the rich cultural tapestry in Oshawa. 

There are many organizations that work with the City to promote and celebrate our diverse residents.  Places like the Arts Resource Centre, our world class Senior Centres and our outstanding Public Libraries all serve an important role in serving our residents.

Exceptional Community Services 

Communities are driven by their residents and residents are driven to communities by exceptional services.  Ensuring that our programming mix is reflective of our amazingly diverse community is absolutely essential. 

In Oshawa we have a rich history of investing in our services. This is evident when you look at our state-of-art recreation centres, pristine parks and unparalleled senior citizens centres. 

Everyone recognizes and appreciates that Oshawa is growing. Ensuring that the quality of our services is maintained must remain a priority for our Council.  This includes prudent investments in service infrastructure and careful review and maintenance of existing programs.

Sustainable Economic Growth

The revitalization of our downtown core and investments in post-secondary have driven our evolution from a manufacturing town to a diversified modern City.  Our unique transportation infrastructure and skilled labour force continue to position us for success but the reality is the students of today will be the job creators of tomorrow.    

We are fortunate to have 3 post secondary institutions in Oshawa whose graduates are the innovators and entrepreneurs of the future.  As a community we want to ensure that these young graduates can find a job, buy a house and build their family right here in Oshawa.   


To do so we need to work with other levels of government and our community partners to ensure that the physical and social infrastructure is in place so that students are enticed to put their roots down in Oshawa.  

Authorized by the CFO for the Eric Guernsey Campaign. 

© 2023 by  Eric Guernsey.

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