A Strong & Experienced Voice For Ward 3



I was born in Oshawa, attended UOIT and have had the incredible honour of serving in the constituency office of our Member of Parliament for the last 7 years.  I have seen firsthand the dedication and compassion that is needed to serve our residents effectively and have successfully delivered for Oshawa's residents both as a federal Case Manager and a Community Outreach Manager. 


My time spent working with MP Colin Carrie has allowed me the opportunity to learn the vital role that constituency work plays in the everyday lives of our citizens.  Whether it was helping a new Mom navigate her Child Tax Benefits, fighting for employment insurance benefits or making sure a senior is getting the proper CPP and Old Age Security benefits I have seen firsthand how fighting for your constituents’ makes a difference.

This election is extremely important as our community makes the transition back to the ward system.  We cannot allow the divisions of the past to plague us in the future.  That’s why it is absolutely pivotal that we have the right people around the table as we continue the important work of moving Oshawa forward. 

City Council must maintain efforts to attract families and businesses to our community, while ensuring that tax dollars are spent prudently and transparently.  As a proven fiscal conservative and well know constituent advocate I am confident I can be a strong and effective voice for Ward 3.   

Over the last decade I have been fortunate to work hand in hand with Councillors and City Staff to ensure that shared constituents receive the assistance they need.  I have remained dedicated to building the positive working relationships with organizations and fellow public servants that are needed to help make life better for our friends and neighbours throughout Oshawa. 

I am extremely proud of the work I have done for constituents through MP Carrie’s office and look forward to bringing that experience and dedication with me to City Hall. 


Authorized by the CFO for the Eric Guernsey Campaign. 

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